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Low Income Program

Information for those interested in the low income program:

  • To determine your eligibility, please submit the following to the Clinic Manager, Jeni Guerrero:
    • Verification of financial need (pick one of the following):
      • Six months of bank statements. The information required is end of the month balance and total amount of deposits for each month.
      • Tax Return
      • Last 4 paystubs
      • Verification of public assistance (Healthy choice, Medi-Cal, Social security, etc).
    • A letter stating:
      • Need for approval in the low income program
      • How you plan to utilize the discount if you are approved- why you feel acupuncture will benefit you and if you are willing to follow the recommended treatment plan
      • Any additional income or financial assistance from others not reflected in the financial verification
    • Once your documentation has been submitted, the Clinic Manager will contact you for an interview. Additional verification may be required at this point.
    • Time between submission of financial documents and notification from the Clinic Manager about the status of a low income request varies and can take 2 weeks.
      • Appointments may be scheduled at any time, however, if approval has not been given or a patient is approved but still on the waitlist, the full price of $45 applies.
    • There are a limited number of availabilities in the low income program. If the Clinic Manager deems you eligible for the discount but there are currently no availabilities, you will be placed on the waitlist and will be notified when space becomes available.
    • Approval is not guaranteed.
    • If approved, the discount is applicable for three months from the date of approval, and your treatments will be $25 instead of $45. After the three months, you must re-apply (by again submitting current financial documentation) to be reconsidered for the program.
    • If approved, you must schedule an appointment no later than two weeks after your approval date to remain in the program. If you cancel or do not show up for your appointment within the allotted time you will be removed from the program and need to reapply for reconsideration.
    • Low income discount appointments can be scheduled on:

MONDAY through FRIDAY, MORNING and AFTERNOON shifts only. Our normal rate of $45 will be charged for evenings and weekend appointments.

  • Doctoral Clinics and private practitioners not included.