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Financial Assistance Program

As a college we are proud to offer affordable acupuncture care to the local community. However, understanding that some people may be suffering from certain financial hardship that makes it difficult to come to their treatments as much as needed, we are offering this additional discount for financial assistance. We ask that when you no longer require assistance you notify us. Paying the full price allows us to offer discounts to others in need while supporting our fantastic school and staff.

In order to determine if you qualify for financial assistance, we will need one of the following documents.
● Copy of documentation from any public assistance (Medi-cal, Housing assistance, EBT, Social Security, etc.)
● Copy of the previous year’s tax return.
● Copy of bank statements for the past six months.

If you do not have any of the above, please write a letter why you require the financial assistance and how you will benefit from the acupuncture treatments.

Please submit your documents by email to Bethany Longfellow, L.Ac:

There is no guarantee that you will be approved for the program, however we do our best to make sure those that need care will be able to get access. Verification of eligibility may take 1-2 weeks. You will have to continue to pay full price until you are approved.

Please be aware of the following:

  • If approved, the discount will be for a limited time and need to be reverified every year. Failure to reapply will result in losing the discount price.
  • If approved, the discount rate will only apply to regular appointments with interns.

The discount will not apply to appointments with the observation theater.

  • If an appointment is missed (including being too late for the appointment time), or canceled in less than 24 hours, you will be charged the regular fee of the appointment, not the discount price.